About Professional Content Report

Professional Content Report, spiritual successor to both Professional Publishing Report and Electronic Information Report, is essential reading for all those who need to keep up to date on the latest developments in professional publishing, scholarly and research communications, as well as technology’s impact on information delivery. It is an insider’s guide to industry news, trends and statistics.

Our seasoned editorial team provides extensive news and analysis coverage on segments such as: Legal; Business; Science & Technical; Medical; Financial Information; and the Current Awareness News & Research market. With an emphasis on delivering Simba’s unique brand of metrics, analysis and short- and long-term perspective on events shaping these segments, Professional Content Report stands apart from other publications targeted to the professional publishing community.

Our editorial mission is to thoroughly brief readers on earnings analysis and rankings; trend analysis; coverage of mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships; breaking issues related to new technologies and the movement of key executives and other publishing personnel throughout the industry. Subscribers to Professional Content Report can also look forward to regular comprehensive coverage and analysis on hot button issues such as the Google Book Scan Issue; Open Access; the emergence of eBooks, copyright issues, the necessary adaptation of university presses and the role of social networking for today’s professional.

Professional Content Report is relied upon by top executives and decision makers at all of the major companies involved in the business of professional publishing. These executives include players such as leading executives looking for solutions to improve their own bottom line, as well as discover insights into competitors’ strategies and new trends. It is the only publication that concentrates on the unique interests and needs of the companies involved in professional publishing.

Professional Content Report is published continuously online and 24 times per year (biweekly) it is issued as a hardcopy newsletter or digitally as a PDF for download.