Simba: New Wall Street Realities Drive Strong Growth in Information Market

MARCH 25, 2015

After three years of tepid growth, sales in the brokerage and financial information market grew an estimated 5.4% in 2014 driven by improved economic conditions, new demand for mobile access and risk and compliance tools, according to the most recent report from media and publishing intelligence firm Simba Information.

Every major brokerage information vendor covered in Simba's report, Brokerage & Financial Information Market 2015-2018, is estimated to have increased sales last year. In fact, growth of 5.4% in the brokerage information side of the market in 2014 actually outpaced growth in the much smaller financial news and information segment — the only year this has occurred since 2008.

The spate of new regulations enacted since the recession at the end of the last decade have forced traders on both the buy- and sell-side to expand their use of risk and compliance products, with brokerage information vendors developing a host of new products that comply with the new regulations and help mitigate risk.

By the same token, high frequency trading (HFT) has seen a moderate decline in use in mature exchange markets since 2009 in the U.S. and 2010 in Europe, due at least in part to tighter scrutiny from regulators on HFT and co-location activities and upcoming regulations placing tighter controls on algorithmic trading.

Mobile access to information is another area that is particularly strong in financial markets. The number of brokerage and financial information mobile apps that have appeared on the scene since 2012 is phenomenal, growing in response to how much people are now accessing data from phones and tablets compared to just a few years ago. For some venders, access to subscription services has become a major portion of their data traffic.

Many vendors have been working to bring the type of intuitive and powerful search tools people are familiar with online into the more structured environment of their financial information platforms. The top feature that vendors have been adding is the ability to process natural language queries—i.e., a search query written as a standard question—rather than using obscure symbology and syntax as has been needed in the past.

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